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Martin worked on our project to design the soundtrack that illustrates our brand. This was a very delicate mission for him as we are very demanding customers with a precise idea of what we want and what we don't want. He was enthusiastic to take on the challenge and demonstrated both great listening capabilities and an in-depth technical professionalism. He delivered the project on time and overcame the expected quality. I am not surprised to read that other customers' feedback is excellent. Qualitative work in a short delay ! Great !
For the realization of my first short film "CASE", I wanted to supervise professionals each in their fields. Among the many key positions, I wanted to pay particular attention to the quality of the sound engineer position. After receiving and screening several resumes, my choice turned to Martin because of his background and the references of his portfolio. Serious, calm and punctual, he allowed me to be a member of the team I could count on and trust. From the sound recording during the shooting to the final editing and mixing, he provided an exemplary investment. More than satisfied with his services and attitudes, I just contacted him to offer him a collaboration for my second short film.
The work of Martin as a sound engineer for my films consists in designing, mixing and proportioning the different sounds which accompany and "dress" the sequences of a film. The ultimate goal is to consolidate all of these sound recordings on a single soundtrack, the one "laying" on the final copy. Sound mixing, Martin loves it! I have already worked with several people in the field of mixing - sound design, Martin remains the one with whom I love to work, he understands what we want. He also finds ideas and it fits perfectly with the film, he knows both the film and the director. His talent for sound engineering accounts for 95% of the final film ... for the pleasure of the ears. It does a lot of miracles and I know what I'm talking about ... I call him the magician!