Martin Dornic Sound Designer & Music Production Educator

For all kind of audio(visual) content


Feature film, Short film, Animation, Docu, Corporate, Ads, Vlog, Youtube channel...

Podcast & Audiobook

Interview, Storytelling, Voice over


Jingle, Logo, Trailer


Edit, Mix & Master your sound to the next level

♦ Voice over & Dialogs Audio Editing, Cleaning & Restoration

♦ Mixing with other audio sources (FX, Ambiances, Music)

♦ Mastering (Loudness compliances)

Perform the sound design & identity

♦ Additional music & arrangements

♦ FX, ambiances, UI design

♦ Jingle (linked or not with an animated logo), Intro/Outro


♦ Sound Recording, Boom Operator

♦ Complete support for the sound of your video (including music)